Bead weaving revisited.

I posted an article a while ago about my attempts at bead weaving; I used to do it years ago and it was fun way back then, but didn’t work out the last time I tried it – I now realise that I was using the wrong beads, I was using large beads that varied in size and the wristband I was attempting to make was a mess…BUT I have found seed beads and they are working out well.

I’m going to make a chevron pattern with several colours.
I bought Collapsible Eye needles because I thought they would be easy to thread but they bend very easily and are difficult to run through the beads.

I shall persevere with them until I can buy proper beading needles.

I bought a lot of beads from a local charity shop before the lock down, so I have tonnes in great colours.

This was my first attempt with larger beads…not therapeutic at all.
I made a lot of bracelets and hat bands years ago, it can be a pleasant winter pastime.

Back to the beads,

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