Vintage 1947.

I’m going to make a dressing gown or robe and will use a 1947 vintage pattern. I won’t be starting it for a while because I have to buy the fabric and that means a trip to the city.

Anyway; I have made quite a few garments using old patterns from the 1930s to the 1960s but not for a few years and I had forgotten how unhelpful they are, very plain with no seamlines and no real markings.

I’m going to make the gown on the left, with buttons.
It’s interesting to see the price pre-decimal; 2/3 – Two shillings and threepence, unfortunately the old patterns only have one size in the packet and this is possibly slightly too small for me – I’ll check the pieces, should be easy to take it up a size.

This will have a 5/8″ seam allowance but I’ll just use my usual 1cm seam instead.

In the meantime I’ll find another project to keep me going until I can travel to the city for the fabric.

Stay well,


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