I have been sewing quilts for about 15 years, it all started with a simple pile of squares, I thought that was interesting and thumbed through magazines and found so many possibilities…I was sold on quilting.

These are my second and third quilts, the third a little more adventurous.

I practised Lemoyne Stars in different sizes, I like this block.

Lemoyne Stars.

I also like fans, especially when made with 1930s ‘Flour Sack’ fabric.

This was my first attempt, I made my own template but then found one online which would be more durable if I made a lot of these…which I have.
Card Trick can be a bit tricky to figure out but I like it.

And hexagons, I do cheat and make half hexagons.
More Lemoyne Stars.

Sampler quilts, a great way to practise different blocks.