Am I blue?

I have finished the wearable sample and I’m happy with the pattern, so now I can make it in denim.
The fabric is very dense; probably sheeting, it was very wide and a high thread count, another charity shop find.

It’s big enough to wear as an over shirt or with knitwear underneath. I took photographs with two different cameras; a Nikon and an iPad, the above was with the Nikon and a true representation of the colour, the iPad photos are paler.

It has a chevron, self-colour front and back yoke. I was going to add pocket flaps but decided it would be too busy.

The back yoke mirrors the front.

I need to find a new project, I love making shirts but need a change, nevertheless I’ll make the denim shirt while I’m spending so much time at home.

Keep well,


  1. WOW.
    the shirt looks great 🙂
    every time i see your latest project, i want to start sewing a blouse hehe
    You’ve had a lot of practice with those shirts. How long do you sew on one?
    Happy Easter.


    • Hi Elly,

      I just take my time with shirts these days, but I suppose it would take about an hour and a half in the ‘old days’ to make one. It’s much nicer to just doddle along and make it a pleasurable pastime.

      I am sure you would enjoy blouse making, there is more variety in women’s clothing than men’s, and vintage patterns are the best if you can find them.

      I hope you had a happy Easter.
      Regards, Will.

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