I’ve been slowly making progress on the winter shirt sample, just cuffs and buttonholes to go. I’ve just become so slow these days, but still it’ll soon be finished and then onto the real denim shirt.
This sample fits alright, I may add a cm to the sleeves but happy with everything else. The pockets on this pattern are closer to the centre than I usually place them but they seem OK.

Now, about the bunnies; each Easter I make Origami bunnies and leave them on tables at the local shopping centre, they delight children and it’s a bit of fun.
I’ve made the bunnies but can’t leave them.

Now I have two boxes of colourful bunnies. These creatures are the only Origami I’ve learned so far but I’d like to make other things, especially roses.

I’m braving the outside world to shop shortly, who would have thought it would be so perilous?

When I arrive back home from the shops, I shall finish this shirt.

Keep safe, keep well.

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