Not the isle but a Singer Capri, a machine manufactured circa the mid seventies.

It has a vinyl case, pretty classy for the time – and the zip still works.

I was pleased to buy this in such perfect condition, whoever owned this machine took good care of it and I shall to continue to do so, it’s ended up in a good home.

There are a few things that would have been innovative at the time like the free arm. I’m glad that it has the manual because the older machines (like older sewing patterns) are not quite so simple to use.
It’s much lighter than older machines although it’s quite weighty. Surprisingly, the new Singer Confidence is about as heavy, perhaps the manufacturers are making more solid machines again.

It has a few stitches including a buttonhole which is more than my first machine had, it was a straight sewer only and I made shirts and then took them to a sewing shop to have the buttonholes made and attached the buttons by hand.

It has a drop feed and a measure in Imperial and metric.

Not very good examples of the flower stitch foot, it works on this machine because it has an adjustable foot pressure, my new machines don’t, although it may work on heavier fabric, I’m hoping to make a denim jacket soon and the foot may work then. This machine will be great for top stitching denim as well.

Time for bed,


  1. Hi there, Will. I’ve been hunting online for the manual for a Singer Capri GL340 which I picked up not so long ago. Your photo and blog post showed up in the search and I had a bit of a nosey on round your site. Oh my gosh, suddenly the afternoon vanished and all I have achieved is falling in love with your work! The purple shirt is to die for! I love the patchwork squares- I’ve just started this hobby and boy do I have a long way to go! Anyway, that’s enough rambling. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your site and to ask if you have any idea where I could get a copy of that manual! I’ve tried the usual places such as Singer website.

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