New pattern pieces.

I’ve been working on my block shirt pattern; I wanted to make a piece with a front yoke because there isn’t enough fabric on the current length to make a shirt and I need to combine it with another plus I’ve wanted to vary the pattern for a while.

I made the new pattern in Ramboard and it works well – I left off a seam allowance and had to add it to the front yoke but I’ll cut the piece again as I have a lot of the board. The only downside to Ramboard is that it’s tough to cut because it’s thick – the upside is that the pattern will last for a long time.

The old pattern on pattern card is showing it’s years, too much wear and it will alter the pattern shape.

The collar pieces have also been duplicated in the board, it’s important that they are in good shape.

I’m also trialling (spell check is trying to make me to type ‘trialing’) a perfectly cut interfacing pattern piece, I’ll use the interfacing as a seam guide and the fabric should fold sharply over it to give a neat edge to the collar and stand.

Other patterns I’d like to use are too full in the sleeves and I’m trying to reduce them, haven’t tried them yet, they are good patterns but I don’t like puffy sleeves.

It’ll be great if I get it right, I did this for a smaller pattern I use for someone else and it worked.

That’s what’s happening here, apart from Christmas stuff.

Merry Christmas to all,

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