Using embroidery thread for top stitching.

The next shirt off the rank is bright pink and it’s for me.
I will try top stitching with embroidery thread, I was going to use silk but it will be a waste and the embroidery thread will have the same lustre.

I did a test run on a white scrap – it doesn’t show up well in this photograph (I have to work on my photography skills) but I think it’ll look good.
Because it’s embroidery thread and different to normal sewing thread, I shall use the device I bought just for this; this thread is more wiry and it springs and unravels easily so it’s better if it feeds horizontally.

Having said that; this type of thread also feeds well from a cone thread holder which is the total opposite to this as it feeds vertically from behind the machine but this was an excuse to buy a gadget…and I love sewing gadgets.

It will be colourful and I am looking forward to making it, the fabric is cotton – my favourite.

It’s a gloriously cool day, I visited a local market but there was nothing I needed.
I’ve measured the first machine for it’s new cover, now to dig out fabric to make it, I bought wadding last week so it’s ready to go.


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