Old times.

I was looking through old photos and found a couple of me wearing clothes I made long ago. I used to be a straight, no nonsense dresser so the clothes haven’t dated too much.
I made this shirt and trousers in the 1970s; a black shirt with rainbow cuffs and collar – a big collar, and black silky pants.

That wallpaper!

This was in the Blue Mountains in the 1980s, I made the shirt and trousers.
I’ve always liked purple and have a length of purple batik which will be made into a shirt soon.
This was in the days when trousers and jackets, etc. just weren’t long enough, eventually ‘Long’ fittings were available and I stopped making everything but shirts. I liked making other clothing but the length of sleeves and the body of shirts was always (and still is) a problem.

Nostalgia trip over, back to sewing.


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  1. WOW I’m impressed. You’ve been sewing that long?
    I had my 5-year sewing anniversary last year.
    I still love how relaxed I am when I’m sewing and what a great feeling it is when a piece is finished.

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