‘Knot’ A Japanese quilt block.

I bought a lot of very lush, rich Jelly Roll and Fat Quarter fabrics that I think are very beautiful. and I felt that they needed a special block, so I have made a traditional Japanese block named Knot – I could make an attempt to give it a proper name, but I wouldn’t want to insult the Japanese people with a bad attempt.

This is the block and I shall start a video tutorial soon. It takes a some concentration, but it’s only middling difficult.

Made two so far and the were put together quite quickly, the 1/4″ seam does need to be precise.

A jigsaw puzzle!

All this wonderful fabric! Just perfect, can’t wait to make more.

Onwards and upwards, looking forward to the Coronation – I remember the Queen’s coronation and even had a replica Coronation coach with horses.

Time to sew.
Take care,

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