Quilting; new ideas and more fabric.

There is never enough fabric of course, I am in love with some of the designs and quality of the fabric I have been buying lately. Most are jelly rolls, which in a way, is limiting but I’ve ordered larger pieces.
There are other pieces of equipment on the way as well, bought on eBay, these days it’s a long wait, several weeks with tracking, but it’s worth the frustrating wait.

This is my idea of a ‘scrappy’ quilt block, its made from 2″ squares and it a great way to use up scraps. This is a 10″ block. It looks complicated but it’s easy and quick. I will make a video of it’s construction soon.

These are other blocks I have been working on;

Same layout with a different look.

This one has a name; ‘Air Castle’.

This is the latest lot of fabric; beautiful, lush colours and designs.

Also started a shirt, I have started a video of the construction, I’ll probably make several videos of the process in depth.

This is nice fabric as well, soft and colourful.

That’s my lot for today,

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