An easy to make Irish Chain quilt.

The Irish Chain quilt is a beautiful, simple country style quilt, this method is a easy way of creating it, either with a lot of colours or only a few.
This is perfect for jelly rolls or for using scraps.

This original method was quite involved but as always, these things evolve and now there is a simple way of making this quilt.

I have been away from quilting for a while and making shirts instead, it’s nice to do a little more quilting, I stopped because I just have too many unfinished projects.
I’ve completed about ten over the years but do struggle with the ‘sandwiching’ part; not easy on a domestic machine.

I still have to finish the Safari Suit I started, I made the sample or muslin, but haven’t bought the fabric yet – maybe after Christmas.

A storm is brewing, it may cool things down a bit, it was supposed to be a wet summer, but it has been so dry, great after all the flooding.

Thank you for watching,

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