Interfacing and new fabric.

Three new shirt lengths, they have now been washed, dried and ready to go.

I also bought more interfacing, heavy and light, I’m trying a different light brand.

I like the Birch brand, although it doesn’t fuse very well, it’s OK but it does end up a battle on the collar stand because it wants to escape – but it’s all certainly much easier than the time before fusible when the interfacing had to be basted on.

I usually use Semco for the front, don’t know why I changed and I hope the new type isn’t too stiff.

I use the heavy for collars & cuffs and the light for the front placket and pocket tops. The lightest possible is best for the front, if it’s too heavy, the front sticks out and doesn’t bend with the body.

Almost finished a shirt, lemon with a fine pattern, it’s not great fabric because it’s very fine and doesn’t have much body…but it is looking OK.

Rain, rain, rain, will it ever end! It is perfect sewing weather at least.
Time to press fabric,

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