The Brother TY600C

My newest machine; the Brother TY600C. I’ve had this for almost a year and I can’t fault it, it’s an excellent machine, easy to use and truly heavy-duty, it sews several layers of denim easily. It’s great on bulky seams, with no manually cranking to go through the fabric.

It is a heavy machine, not too plastic and has the usual, needle up/down (easy on this machine, it only needs to have the button pressed for a second) I like the needle down for most of the sewing and up for buttons and buttonholes.

This was medium-weight denim and it was a pleasure to sew, it just glided through the fabric.

The only thing I have an issue with is the dial, I have knocked it a few times and taken it off the setting – at least it beeps to let me know and I’m able to readjust the settings before I sew on.

I have a very soft, thick fabric that may or may not be good for a shirt, I shall experiment by making a collar.

It’s raining very heavily, I hope it’s not so bad in the already flooded areas.
Perfect sewing weather with nothing to sew.

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