St Patrick’s Day.

Shouldn’t wear green because, as my Grandfather would tell me, he was a ‘Loyal Orangeman’. I thought that was a strange thing to say because he wasn’t (orange).

I’ll have to settle for white; the colour of peace, between the green and the orange.

There was a bed of Shamrocks in the garden but they have been smothered by other plants, some have survived and now need to be transplanted. This sad one was still fighting. I never did find a four-leaf one.

My Grandfather, Andrew, used to chat on in Gaelic, it sounded beautiful but I didn’t understand a word, listening to the group, Celtic Thunder singing in Gaelic reminds me of him.

St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland; we could do with him here.

Anyway, have a great St Patrick’s Day.

All the best,

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