Blue Stripes.

The last of three lengths of fabric I bought recently.

Stripes can be difficult but not too bad with a lot of preparation.

The bottom of the pockets are rounded and the best way to do that is to sew a basting thread close to the edge of the rounded part and gently gather it.

Take care to iron it to the seam allowance going from one straight side, through the curve and up the other side.

Another thing that gives a good finish is the ‘collar thread pull’ technique. Place a piece of thread between the two collar layers before the last stitch, then stitch and pull the thread out of the way and continue. Do the same for the other point.

Trim the excess, turn the collar and gently pull on the thread, this will give perfect points.
I have already posted this in more detail on this site some time ago.

I really like this one, I shall have to buy more ’70s stripes.
That’s my lot.
Take care,

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