A spotted shirt; great fabric.

This is a shirt for a friend, a medium size, 96cm.

It is nice to have fabric that’s easy to sew, although I like a challenge from time to time.

I often use the same pocket pattern because I like it but used a rounded pattern this time and they turned out OK.

Glue has come into play on shirts these days, it’s Sewline glue and may be ironed if it’s between layers of fabric. It holds ends of seams and holds the thick parts of shirt-tails in place.

This is the glue, it rolls out for use.

I always used as few pins as possible, or none at all if I could get away with it but now I pin a lot, it’s helpful to pin the whole length of a pleat and the ends of cuffs before sewing.

Makes the job easier.

The new owner of this shirt is happy.

That’s my lot today,
Take care,

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