Retro trees.

A shirt made of fabric printed with stylised trees.

I have plundered the cache of quilting fabrics again and this looks good as a shirt; it’s medium-weight cotton which will be perfect because it’s almost autumn.

This is a closeup, showing the trees.

Nice stuff and very retro, reminds me of the type of designs from my childhood.

Feels good to wear.

A new idea (for me anyway) with collars & cuffs.

I usually just pin the collar to the shirt with both pieces even but now allow about .5 of a millimetre overhang on the collar or cuff.

The small amount of overhang makes a good fit when top-stitched.

I don’t think I can scrounge much more fabric from the quilting cupboard, so am going to the big city shop, Spotlight, for more fabric and notions.
I am looking forward to rummaging.

Take care,

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