Powder blue.

I’ve made a shirt, it’s been a while, I seem to have lost interest and have given away a lot of sewing stuff; three machines and tonnes of fabric. I almost gave away the very old machines but the charity shop didn’t want them and I’m glad now and won’t be that foolish again.

It is an unprepossessing shirt, plain blue but the fabric is soft and pleasant to wear.
I had a serious battle with one of my overlockers and had to admit defeat, perhaps it needs a service.

A wet and mild summer was promised and it seems to be just that, it’s rained for two weeks and the garden is bright green and lush. I took a cutting from a gardenia last year and it has flowered, the perfume from just one bloom fills the whole room.

I hope there will be a lot more flowers as summer progresses.

That’s my lot,
Take care,

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