My Great-Grandparents left their home town, Newton Airds (now named Newtownards) In County Down, Ireland, and travelled to Australia on the Southern Ocean, setting out in March 1868 – it was a six or seven week journey.

His name was William and his wife, Jane Lawther – my family has been stuck in a name rut for generations…so many Williams!

Anyway, I travelled to the UK in the 1960s and lived there for many years and never visited Ireland – I always thought I would have plenty of time and was too busy enjoying all that ‘Swinging London’ offered, but I returned to Australia and never made it, so that was lost to me.

These are the remains of their Irish cottage at Emu Flat in Victoria (photo by local photographer, Steve McNeil).

They had eleven children.

William ‘Willie’ Rainey
Jane Lawther Rainey

This won’t be a genealogy site but still about sewing of course, as well as everyday things. I don’t sew as much as I used to, so thought it was time to move on a little.


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