I have developed sewer’s block with the Levi jacket; the muslin is basically finished and it is alright but I don’t feel like continuing with it right now – the collar method is strange and I shall probably look at other patterns and see if I can make it easier.
This is it so far:

It’s an old sheet so the fabric doesn’t have much body – it does fit, it’s an ’80s pattern so it’s a bit full but that’ll be good for winter with knitwear underneath.

Anyway, I decided to look at some of my quilting and templates, I have two favourites, the 9-Blade Fan and Drunkard’s Path.

Originally, I wanted to make fan but couldn’t find a template, so I made my own and it worked out well.

The only trouble was that it needed to be in something tougher than pattern cardboard if I wanted to make a lot of them…so, back to searching online and I discovered just what I wanted from Fons & Porter.

It consists of three pieces, the large piece cut on the fold. The notches help to guide the sewing.

I love tiny prints and they are perfect for this.

The back with a 1/4″ seam. I have a method of sewing without pins or clipping the seam, so they are made very quickly. I have a video planned to show the method.

Drunkard’s Path.

Another favourite, it consists of a two part template.

This may be used in different ways but I sewed circles.

And the back…No pins or clipping with this one either.

I shall probably return to the Levi jacket in a week or so, we are halfway through autumn, so it would be good to have it for winter.

By the way, I have no affiliation with Fons & Porter, I just like the template – and they have helpful tutorials as well.

It’s a wet and stormy day, just perfect for sewing.

Take Care,

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