A distraction.

The weather is too perfect and I just have to be outdoors; it’s the nicest summer, not too hot. – plus the lawn grows in days. I’ve planted tonnes of seedlings and and prepared a lot of cuttings.

Anyway, the latest shirt is finished, or at least, a muslin. I copied the pattern using the 1.5cm original seam instead of ‘my’ 1cm seam and ended up in a bit of a mess. After decades of using 1cm, it was difficult to adjust, apart from sewing the larger seam, anywhere I had to press under an allowance was tough; I usually just press without thinking about it but had to keep measuring as I went along.

This was a sheet in its former life but it’s a nice, soft fabric. It is too small for me but a friend liked it, so I added shell buttons, he thinks it’s great and it isn’t wasted.

I don’t know if the shell buttons are bad environmentally, I think not (hope not).

The pattern is Simplicity 8753; ‘B – Modern Fit’ – It seems that I must be ‘A – classic fit’ because it was too tight.

The next project will be a Levi jacket – if I can drag myself indoors,

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