Summer rain.

A lot of rain; it’s been a cool and very wet summer and it’s almost half over, perfect. Last year the heat was overbearing and bushfires all around… this year it’s floods instead, Just like Dorothea Mackellar’s epic poem.

Anyway, all this means lots of lush growth so a lot of time has been spent taming the garden instead of sewing. I have two new patterns that I’m wanting to try.

I tried a MimiG Levi jacket but the sizing was out and not a good cut, so this one may be better and a shirt for me as well as someone else as it’s multi-size, it looks like a good pattern. It’s a matter of going to the fabric shop in the city and buying denim but I’ll make a sample or ‘muslin’ first from fabric I already have.
I shall work on the pattern today and have a break from the garden, it’s raining intermittently anyway.

Slowly winning the battle of the garden, it had been neglected for some time and needs a lot of help.

New mulch and new seedlings – let’s hope the rest of summer will be just as pleasant.

This is the overseer, making sure I do a good job.

By the way, Dorothea Mackellar’s poem ‘My Country’ may be found here.

Pattern time!


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