After the disaster of the last shirt, I thought it would be a good idea to have a break from making them. I have a few bowties already to go and I do enjoy making them.

The tied tie is a Christmas bowtie which I was able to wear this year because the weather was cool.
I wouldn’t make a very good gentleman’s dresser as it was difficult to tie it on someone else.

This was bought for Valentines Day ages ago, perhaps it’s time to make it as well

I am also finally going to finish the quilt I started long ago – the piecing part is fun and intriguing but the quilting is much less fascinating. Anyway, this is halfway finished and shouldn’t take very long. It’s too late to give as a Christmas gift which is a pity.

It’s 2.2m x 1.75m and only two layers, the back and the patchwork, no wadding, so it’ll be a light quilt,

Summer has been cool and wet so far and the first month is almost over, I know it’ll heat up. I prefer winter.
It seems to be a short time ago I mentioned the Frangipani outside the sewing room window…and here we are again! A heavenly perfume.
There are lots of butterflies this year but I haven’t seen many bees even though the garden is bee friendly, I’ve sewn a lot of seeds and they are beginning to sprout so there’ll be plenty of flowers for them soon.

Many years ago I cut the top off a pineapple and planted it, it’s still growing but has never fruited, they fruit further north…much further north but you never know.

That’s my lot,
Take care,

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