…I’ve had a few… and this shirt is one of them.

It seemed like a good idea, something different but I lost interest and struggled to finish it – it was only meant to be a sample, made from sheeting – perhaps a mid-weight fabric would be better.

It can be worn without a belt.
Anyway, I have a friend who wants it, so he’s welcome.

On to the next big thing. I had a problem with the safari suit pattern I’d bought, it was wrongly labelled, my money was returned but I have no pattern (that is probably what inspired me to try this one).

Safari Suit patterns are hard to find… or at least hard to find in my size but I shall continue the search.

We are experiencing my kind of summer weather, cool and wet. I prefer winter to summer, so this is very nice indeed.

I hope everyone has the best Christmas possible.
Take care,

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