The new shirt is a nice, soft cream – more so than the way it looks in the photographs but that’s just my lack of photography skills.

In the past I’ve liked to create interesting pockets but have been stuck with one style recently, so I made an attempt to do something different. The buttons are vintage, mock tortoiseshell with brass insets, larger than usual but they work OK.

The pocket has a workable flap that serves no practical purpose.

This is a shirt I made at least 40 years ago, I still wear it in winter, I shall copy the pocket design onto a new shirt.

Still in reasonable shape considering its age and how often it’s been worn over the years.

Pattern drafting will probably be the next on the agenda, not a lot of fun but it will be worth it, a Safari Suit pattern is on the way.

That’s my lot for today,
Take care,

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