The blues.

Finished another shirt, the fabric is cotton and pleasant to work with. The finished result is nothing like it started out, but it’s OK.

It’s the smallest collar I’ve ever made.

I have been searching for a Safari Suit pattern but can’t find one in my size – they have been available but have been sold, one will surely turn up eventually. They were considered infra dig by many in the 1970s – including me but I like them now.

The big fabric shop in the city is moving to new premises on the 18th, can’t wait, they owe me a sewing machine, I bought a Singer which was a dud but had it too long for a refund and have a credit note, they haven’t had much in the way of machines for sale, I presume because of the pandemic. I am hoping stock will arrive for the opening.

That’s all for now.
Stay safe and well,

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