Finished!…Next project.

I have finished the troublesome shirt and it’s not too bad.

I sewed a bias strip on both sides so they look like a front yoke. (Bad photograph, taken late at night).

I used multi-coloured thread and am pleased with the result. I’ll have to do more with this thread because I have a lot of it.

The small reels looked enticing, so I bought some and they sew well – then I bought the cones on special.

Next will be a shirt for me, I have a pattern I’d like to use but may fiddle with a few other ideas first and then draft the pattern. A safari jacket would be great but I just can’t find a pattern in my size, they’ve been around but people are beating me to them…there is obviously a resurgence in Safari Suits & Jackets.

It’s raining, perfect sewing weather.
Keep well,

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