“Wish you were here”

I was shopping in a newsagent yesterday when a customer asked if they had any postcards, the young assistant didn’t know what they were. It seems that they have gone the way of telegrams, aerogrammes and so many other past and passé items.

I sent postcards to my mum from every place I visited in my travelling days (along with souvenir spoons), they were fun and the photos were much better than any I could take…except I wasn’t in the shot. I sent dozens over the years, they were a great way to send a short message (Wish you were here) and were the text messages of their day.

I scrabbled around and found a few that have been saved;

The variety was wonderful; whimsical, artistic, funny or scenic.

The cards I treasure are from the First World War, my grandfather sent them to my grandmother from France.

Two of them had embroidered pockets to insert another, more private note.

My sewing consists of repairs and alterations at the moment while I decide what to make next…I am sewing a few masks but they aren’t exciting.

Daylight savings starts on Sunday, that’s when I realise how many clocks I have.

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