New patterns.

I have discovered a whole new source of patterns on eBay & Etsy.
eBay has the edge on Etsy because most have free postage whereas Etsy’s postage can be ridiculous; around $20-$25 just for postage alone, the patterns are inexpensive enough, so it’s a pity, it makes the cost prohibitive – I don’t know why it’s so much because patterns only weigh about 45g. Anyway, there are local Etsy suppliers who have free postage, like these two.

The one on the left is a real treasure, from 1958 and untouched. The western one didn’t have an envelope, so I found a photo of the cover and printed it out, this pattern is also unused. The 1950s one will be great to make, I just have to figure out the best way to copy the pattern without marking it.

I’m going to make a few face masks from scrap fabric pieces today…I could very easily have matching masks and shirts but that would be going just a bit too far.

Time for a coffee and crumpets.

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