Double the fun.

Or not. I have just finished sewing two shirts at the same time and It won’t happen again – it was too much like hard work, sewing is supposed to be fun.
Anyway, they are finished and OK.

This is the ‘Creature’ shirt, cute, with foxes, Raccoons and friends. nice fabric to work with.
It would have been good to match the pockets to the body of the shirt but didn’t have enough fabric, it barely shows anyway. It is a crisp cotton.

The second shirt is a busy, floral, rather difficult to sew with it’s tiny pattern. No need to match the pockets on this one, it certainly doesn’t show,
It is a type of polished cotton, pleasant to sew and handles well.

It’s surprising how different the fabric quantities are, the top shirt is a size 38 average and the bottom a 42 long, there is at least .5 of a metre difference.

It’s the last month of winter, it’s been cold but not too bad, this means that work will have to start on the garden soon. I took a few photographs yesterday; Azaleas and Trumpet Vine give a nice touch of colour to the winter garden.

Keep well, keep safe,

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