The mask.

I’ve been wearing masks spasmodically but they have been medical style, I find them uncomfortable, so I looked for a pattern online and found one I like; It’s from a YouTube site named Gentleman Doll.

It included a PDF of the pattern in four sizes, I chose the medium.

It has worked out well and I shall copy it onto Ramboard, it will last and be easier to trace around. It only took a few minutes to make this mask and it’s comfortable.
I can breathe and should be better for people who wear glasses.

I have ordered 3mm round elastic for the ear straps and it should be here in a week.

I have a lot of pieces of fabric left over from shirt making and I could make matching shirt and mask combinations…but I won’t, I’ll just keep them plain.

Winter will soon be over and then I can complain about summer instead.


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