Foxy fabric.

I visited the big fabric shop today; I returned the Singer Confidence Quilter machine I bought a few months ago because it wasn’t working properly – I’d had it for about six months and the buttonhole wouldn’t work, it was sent to Singer and it was taking too long, so the shop suggested that I choose another machine. They didn’t have the one I really wanted, an Elna, so I took a cover note and will buy it when it’s back in stock.
In the meantime I bought fabric (of course), two lengths, a small floral for me, it’s the type of pattern I’ve liked for decades and I’m looking forward to making it up.

The fabric is cotton and has a slight sheen and feels lush.
I also bought a ‘Foxy’ fabric for David…well foxes, Raccoons and bears.

Same type of fabric; cotton with a sheen and also feels great.

I have cut out a shirt for me and may start sewing it tomorrow – it’s a rustic theme, looking forward to getting to that machine.

It’s cold and wet tonight, I love it.

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