I finished David’s ‘Car’ shirt and he wore it yesterday.

He doesn’t like to model, so it’s the dummies turn to wear it. All the vehicles are the right way up, even the cuffs. The pattern ran across the fabric instead of down so I had to fold it across at the length, a strange way to print it, I’m making a rustic shirt for me from a similar fabric which also runs across.

I still prefer to sew the collar from the centre back to the front and leave threads that I tie off and weave back instead of reverse stitching, I think it is a better finish.

I have always sewn the cuffs by sewing the inside, then the ends and top stitching but on the last shirt and this one, I have bagged the cuff and attached it, it looks much nicer and is easier to do.

Me, me, me, my shirt next, my trips to hospital are over and a bit of gentle sewing is just what the doctor ordered.

Fabric is waiting for me,
Take care,

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