I work slowly nowadays because life gets in the way, but I have finally finished the purple shirt.
I like it and am reasonably happy with the result…I love the colour.

Now I have something to wear tomorrow.

I’m always pleased when the collar works out OK.

It was great to make a shirt with no top-stitching after the denim one with so much top-stitching.

I put the plackets the wrong way around years ago and of course, once the fabric is cut it’s not an easy problem to fix. I also pause and think before I fit the sleeves and sew the buttonholes – although I’ve never sewn them on the wrong side (yet).

I was in a ‘pocket rut’ so sewed a curved style this time. I used to be more adventurous with pocket finishes in the past.

I’d like to sew something else, perhaps a dressing gown, I need a winter one. I don’t like to risk another visit to the city at this time, I had to take my new machine for repairs (that was essential travel).
I have a few vintage patterns, they’re smaller than my size but dressing gowns aren’t very structured so enlarging a pattern shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It’s a strange world but it seems to be improving.
Take care,

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