Deep purple.

It’s actually mottled purple, a nice colour, I haven’t had a purple shirt for quite a while.

It looks rather like Batik but it’s ordinary cotton. There will be nothing out of the ordinary with this shirt.

It’s cut out and ready to sew.

I was lucky to find the right colour thread locally; because of the dreaded virus, I don’t want to travel into the city unless it’s really necessary, which will be when I pick up my machine after the repairs.

To mask or not to mask.
That is the question. A lot of sewists are making fabric masks, fortunately, I bought a lot of good quality professional masks a while ago to use while working on DIY projects – anyway, I’d find it very difficult to waste my off-cuts, I use pieces down to 11/2“x 3” in quilting and the masks will be useless once (if) the pandemic is over.
Nothing much is happening here as far as the virus goes but we’re not taking any chances.

Time to seize the day.

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