Whilst making the current denim shirt, I’ve had the thought that small Lemoyne Stars may look interesting on the yoke. I know patchwork on shirts is…well…1980s, but the stars could be a bit different.

I made these a while ago to practise the stars in different sizes, I thought if the square background was the same fabric as the shirt, they would really stand out.
I no longer have these, they were just a tryout so I gave them away. I am enjoying sewing with the current mid-weight denim and will buy more and see how the smaller stars work.

I’ve been a bit slow finishing the current shirt – I fell off a ladder (common with men of a certain age it seems) and I’ve had to have scans and x-rays, etc. I don’t believe any damage has been done but it’s best to make sure.

Back to the pleasant sewing grind tomorrow. I shall buy more denim when I pick up the repaired sewing machine.

Meanwhile, all the best,

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