Back to work.

Sewing that is; I braved the perils of a trip to the city and left my new machine for repair and I hope they will fix the original problems as well, I was just lazy not taking it in earlier.

I’m now using a couple of older machines, an Elina for the seams and a Brother for top-stitching.

The Elina 40 is a nice machine. Each machine has something that others don’t have, it would be great to have them all in one machine.

The Brother SL500 is also a pleasant machine to use and it’s doing a good job of top-stitching. I have been using this one for buttonholes because the newer Singer wasn’t working properly.

The top-stitching is red; I thought it would be subtle, but it was a difficult choice because I have acquired a lot of threads over the years.

I’m looking forward to finishing this shirt, it’ll be ready for the cold weather if it ever comes, autumn has been more like summer this year.

Keep well,

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