Sewing woes.

I’m having issues with my new machine; It was bought for me six months ago and it has had a few problems from the outset.
I don’t like returning items and therefore I coped with it’s little idiosyncrasies, it didn’t sew buttonholes well, so I used one of my other machines, it didn’t back stitch well either but it straight sewed beautifully until I noticed it skipping stitches which I can’t live with.

This is happening too often;

No good at all, so back it goes, if they offer a refund then I’ll take it and use the machines I have.
Returning the machine means I have a legitimate excuse to visit the fabric shop…and I can cash in the $10 voucher they sent for my birthday.

Waiting in the wings.

On a brighter note, I took a photograph of some of my bird friends this morning, sitting in a tree outside the door, waiting for seed and fruit. They are Rainbow Lorikeets; one of the many varieties who visit the garden for a swim and a feed.

I shall set up another machine ready for tomorrow.

Take care,

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