Time on my hands.

Which I always have anyway as I am retired but I’m achieving very little.
Being isolated hasn’t made me more productive, we usually spend time shopping and window shopping, visiting the city and beaches, and especially, charity shops to find treasures.
So, here I am staying at home and I have only started a shirt whereas I could have made several in this time – I suppose it’s all mindset.

The shirt I am making is a wearable sample of a western shirt, a bit larger than my usual shirts in order to wear it as an over-shirt as well as just a shirt.

This is the front yoke and the back is similar – I have stitched the yoke in place since I photographed this. It’s a nice blue.

The sleeve plackets are ready to be stitched; I always press them into shape before I sew, it makes them easier to handle when pulled through.

Collar, cuffs, front placket and pockets ready to go.
I hope today will be a sewing day. I want to make the shirt in this fabric as a test run before I make it in denim.

That’s it for today.
Stay safe,

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