Serge de Nimes.

The next project will be a denim shirt; I have a length of mid-weight denim but it will need to be slightly bigger than my usual shirts. I don’t know whether to add an extra 1 cm to the block pattern or use one of the older patterns.
I have powder blue fabric left over from David’s jacket so will use it for a test run.

If the pale blue sample works out OK I shall have two shirts for winter. I want to use it as an over shirt as well as just a shirt.

Shopping is limited nowadays, which is alright for me except I will miss the op (charity) shops, I have loot from my last foray;

Anchor threads from the UK, and Korbond – cotton covered polyester thread from the US; it will be interesting to see how it sews, plus a few newer reels.
I’m always delighted to find wooden reels.

That’s my lot for today,
Take care,

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