Mellow yellow.

My new shirt; not mellow at all but I like it, yellow is my favourite colour.

I’m not too impressed with my work, probably the messiest I’ve sewn for a while but it’s wearable.
I can’t blame the fabric, it’s just me. It’s a light, silky fabric and is nice to wear. The above image is closest to the actual colour, so warm and sunny.

I made a chevron shaped front yoke, I’ll use this again, I have denim to for a winter shirt and it’ll look good on that.

I used the buttonhole attachment on my newest machine for the first time but an older machine does a better job, so I’ll go back to using it.

That’s all for now, it’s becoming cooler, waiting for the Liquidambar leaves to turn red and gold…They make great mulch and look very colourful over the garden beds.


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