Autumn and sunshine yellow.

The next shirt (and I will be very glad to return to shirts) will be a bright yellow.

Can’t wait to start it.

I am STILL working on the Levi jacket (so much top stitching)! The Mimi G Simplicity 8845) sizing is terrible, the 42-44 is barely a 38 and very short as well – the top pocket is too small and I’m not happy with it but I shall soldier on. I have a friend who loves it, it fits him and he wants it so that makes it worthwhile. Only the waistband, cuffs and side plackets to go…and buttons/holes of course.

It’s been scrunched up on the ironing board, so it’s a little creased. I have found a pattern I’d prefer but it’s probably out of print; it is Kwik Sew 3251, it looks much better, perhaps I’ll find one on eBay or some-such site.

This looks much better, hope I can find it. It would be interesting to find out what other sewists think of the Mimi G pattern.

Off to seize the day which will include a visit to a local market – and sewing of course.



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