More Tortoise than Hare.

I feel as if I’ve been working on this Levi jacket for months, nothing has taken me this long before. I am not sewing so much, distractions, including the weather and CFS have been slowing me down.

Anyway, not much more to do; the collar, waistband, sleeves and cuffs…well, maybe quite a bit.

I now have a mannequin which will make fitting easier, thank you Facebook Marketplace.

So much stitching! I shall be very glad to return to shirt making.

This is only a muslin but I think it will be wearable – I hope so because I’d hate to discard it after all this stitching.

I was going to make a St Valentines Day bow tie but didn’t get there; maybe next year.

That’s all, time to make a collar,

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