Fans are needed right now, it’s so hot – it’s the first day of the last month of summer and it’s far too hot to sew plus there are a few things I need to rectify on the Levi pattern, like the ridiculous seam allowance, they are 1.5cm on every seam, while I understand they need to be wider for the top stitching areas, they don’t need to be on most of the jacket so I have to work out where I can make the allowance a more familiar 1cm.

Anyway, posting the fan quilt the other day started me thinking about fan blocks and how much I like them. I have another fan quilt on the way.
When I wanted to make these I couldn’t find a template so I made my own which worked out well but it was only cardboard and I didn’t know how it would stand up to making a lot of blocks.

This was the template I made, happy with the result but no way it would stand up to multiple cuts.

BUT I found a perfect template at Fons & Porter, it was a set of two, a large and a small.

This is the large, the notches help to line everything up.

These have been in a cupboard for quite a while but it’s good that they are seeing the light of day again, I’ll give them a press and see how many I have and put them together.

I love small floral prints, especially for shirts

That’s my day,

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