The sad story of a quilt.

I enjoy making quilts – or rather, I enjoy piecing quilts but don’t enjoy the actual quilting part, sandwiching the layers, the patchwork, wadding and backing, it’s hard work because it has to be kept smooth with no pinches or pleats underneath and there is an awful lot of stitching involved.

Now…the story of the sad quilt.
I finished a fan quilt, finished it completely including the tortuous quilting part and it was great, a double bed quilt with a smooth under layer, I was very pleased with myself.

This is the quilt, each fan blade was stitched around as well as the top and bottom.

I decided to donate the quilt to a local dog rescue group, they were have a fete in a dog park in the city and I thought they could raffle it to make a few dollars.
I pm’d the woman in charge and asked her if she’d like it, the answer was yes of course, she asked me to leave it at a shop in the city for her to pick up.

I didn’t hear from her, so I contacted her on their Facebook page and asked her what happened with the quilt and she said the dogs loved it and put up a photo of the quilt covered with dogs. It seems she thought I’d send it as a dog blanket. I love dogs and appreciate all they do to help animals but I was just a little bit disappointed. I hope the dogs are enjoying their luxury blanket.

This won’t stop me supplying quilts when I get round to finishing them, there are several other animal rescue groups (a sign of the times unfortunately) who may appreciate the gift…next time I’ll emphasise the word ‘Raffle’.

Meanwhile I’m still making fan quilts.

These are made with reproduction ‘Flour Sack’ patterned fabric.



  1. Oh no, I would have been pretty disappointed as well if someone used one of my quilts as a dog blanket after all the work that went into making it. I like how you alternated the white and black fabric at the ends of the fans in the blocks.

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    • The Dog Rescue volunteers work so hard to rescue animals and I thought it may earn them a few dollars but that’s the way it goes. I like making fans and I’ve made the blocks for another using ‘Flour Sack’ style fabrics
      I’ve been rummaging through fabrics and the partly finished quilts and it’s inspired me to finish some – winter is coming (not soon enough) and that’s a good time to be quilting.

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