Ready for a muslin, toile…

…or just a sample.

I’ve copied and altered ALL the pattern pieces, it seemed like hundreds when I was working on it but it’s nineteen plus a button placement piece which I didn’t copy because the buttons will be spaced differently.
I have a blue fabric piece that’s been hanging around for years which will work for the sample, it’s a similar weight to denim – and if it works out, I’ll have a powder blue jacket.

These are the pattern pieces, in my size I hope, if any bits need altering, no problem.
I find this easier than trying to use the flimsy tissue pieces.

This is the blue. I hope the pattern is alright because this would be a nice jacket.

I also found this whilst rummaging and I may use it for a jacket or part thereof, (mutton dressed as lamb but I don’t care).
I’m eager to start but have other, mundane things I must do first, perhaps I’ll be able to start later in the week.


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