Mr Levi…

…Strauss – what have you done? Now I’ll have to work hard instead of coasting along making shirts.
I have made Levi jackets before but that was long ago.

I’ve cut around the pieces so they are easier to handle but will keep all the sizes intact in case I need to make another in a different size. I’ll be using the 42-44 pieces but will have to lengthen it – there is a shorten/lengthen line on the sleeves but nothing on the body so I’ll make up a sample and work out the best spot to add probably about 4-6 cm to the sleeve and body. I just don’t like to wear clothing that’s too short.

Its been quite a while since I’ve worked with a paper pattern, I had rolls of Kraft paper but took it to the op shop this morning because I thought I’d never use it – how foolish is that?

Anyway, this whole thing will be an adventure. There is a video on YouTube if I get stuck.
I’ll copy the pieces I need straight onto the heavy cardboard because I have a lot of it, use a tracing wheel to go round the pieces and add the extra length afterwards, that way I’ll see more clearly what exactly I’m doing. I’ll have to make note of the seam allowances as well, I can’t use the usual 1 cm. I’ve lined these jackets in the past so that’s something I can consider once it’s all sorted.

It will be fun to make the jacket in other fabric as well.

Maybe I’ll start this epic journey tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I love Levi jackets. Since my teenage years, I’ve always kept a jacket like that in my closet. OK, today it’s not Levi’s, it’s another brand, but it’s still a must-have in every closet.

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  2. I haven’t had a Levi jacket since the ’60s but I do like them. There are just so many fiddly little pieces but I’ve cut them and prepared interfacing, etc and am ready to go but it’s been so hot for the last few days and I feel exhausted so maybe tomorrow. It will be fun to make… I hope.


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