Finished my latest shirt and it is quite chaotic, the fabric is aquatic with starfish and stylised fish in many colours – Garish but I like it. I used to dress very conservatively but those days are over.

I’m happy with the new yokes I made and the change to the back to accommodate the shaped yoke, the only problem is that the centre curve of the back yoke should have been more pronounced, it looks a bit flat, that’ll be easily adjusted if I use this pattern again.

I decided to use a variety of coloured buttons but it was a bit of a waste as they can’t be seen with such a busy fabric.

Plain blue for the sleeve plackets and cuffs.

I have a length of purple fabric for the next shirt but the Levi pattern should arrive soon, so I’ll work on that. I’m pleased to have so much Ramboard for making patterns because my pattern cardboard was running out but I can waste Ramboard without a worry if I get the pattern wrong.

Yesterday was hot but today is delightfully cool with a breeze and it may actually rain! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a drop.

Time to face this delightful day,

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