Sewing and the environment.

I’ve been following Peter Lappin’s blog, Male Pattern Boldness for some time and this week he posted about the environmental impact of home sewing. As far as fabric goes, I have very little waste, whatever I have left over from clothing goes into quilting. The smallest pieces I cut are 4cmx10.5cm (1.1/2″x3.1/2″), so not much left over, but I do like to sew with cotton which isn’t an environmentally friendly crop.
I buy most of my fabric from op shops, same with my clothes – sheets are great for sewing as well

These are my tiny pieces of fabric, (What a blurry photograph, too early in the morning) I use them to make ‘Roman Road’ quilts – they can’t get any smaller than this. I also give pieces to other quilters as well, I’ve been doing that a lot lately because I haven’t been quilting – I have a backlog to finish.
Anyway, I like fabric too much to throw any away.

I darn socks and have become very good at it – even better now I’ve found a darning mushroom.
I don’t know how to create an actual link but this is Peter Lappin’s blog address:

I’ve finished a shirt except for buttons and holes, I shall do that today, a bit warm this afternoon, it’s been pleasant up to now.
Time for lunch and then to face the machine…

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